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Knitting Tidbits

  • After Thought Heel - Here's a great tutorial with up-close pictures! After Thought Heel
  • Lace knitting is one of the most challenging types of knitting because of the difficulties involved when you have to unravel one or more rows to fix a problem.

    To keep your knitting from unraveling further than you want, knitters often insert a lifeline into their projects.

    Although it is possible to insert a lifeline using a needle and thread or dental floss, an easier technique can be accomplished using your HiyaHiya Interchangeable cable with a lifeline hole. At the beginning of any row, thread a contrasting thread or dental floss through your lifeline hole and work the next row according to your pattern instructions. Remove the dental floss from the cable connector and continue to knit in pattern, leaving your lifeline inserted in the row. Now if you need to unravel your knitting, the lifeline will catch your stitches and keep them from unraveling further.

    Insert additional lifelines through the project. If you are comfortable doing so, remove the earliest lifelines and reuse the thread or floss.

    Should you drop a stitch or need to rip out a row or rows, the lifeline will keep your stitches from unraveling further and you can use it to help pick up the stitches and return them to your needles.

    HiyaHiya KnitSaver Interchangeable Cables with lifeline holes are now available!

  • When the pattern requires you to use two strands of the same color, you can either roll the skein into two equal-size balls and pull from both balls at once, or you can pull one strand from the inside of the ball and one strand from the outside. If you don't have a swift and ball winder to wind a center-pull ball, never fear, you can do it by hand! Click here for a great video that shows you how!