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This chart lists the most common metric equivalents for US, "Old US" and "Old UK" needle sizes. Different needle manufacturers may vary from the exact sizes shown; however, ranges of contemporary US needles are generally as shown in the "Contemporary UK/US Metric Range" column.

"Old US" sizes are frequently seen in old yarn company leaflets; since the sizes run opposite of contemporary sizing (under the "Old US" system, the finest needles have the highest size numbers) the giveaway is a sock pattern (or other pattern using fingering-weight yarn) that calls for size 13 needles! Note that the metric measurements of UK sizes differ, so it may be important to know the source of your pattern.

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UK / US Metric
"Old" USUK
0000-0000.5 mm.5 mm-24
000-0000.75 mm0.75 mm-22
--0.875 mm (?)-20
000-001 mm1 mm18 (steel dpn)19
-1.125 mm1.125 mm17 (steel dpn)-
00-001.25 mm1.25 mm16 (steel dpn)18
0001.5 mm1.5 mm15 (steel dpn)17
-1.625 mm (?)--16
001.75 mm1.75 mm14 (steel dpn)15
02 mm2 mm0 (standard needles)
13 (steel dpn)
12.25 mm2.25 mm12 (steel dpn)13
1.52.5 mm2.5 mm1 (standard needles)-
22.75 mm2.75 mm2 (standard needles)
11 (steel dpn)
2.53 mm3 mm3 (standard needles)
10 (steel dpn)
33.25 mm3.5 mm-10
43.5 mm3.5 mm4 (standard needles)
9 (steel dpn)
53.75 mm3.75 mm5 (standard needles)
8 (steel dpn)
64 mm4 mm-8
-4.25 mm4.25 mm6 (standard needles)-
74.5 mm4.5 mm-7
-4.75 mm4.75 mm7 (standard needles)-
85 mm5 mm8 (standard needles)6
-5.25 mm5.25 mm9 (standard needles)-
95.5 mm5.5 mm-5
-5.75 mm5.75 mm10 (standard needles)-
106 mm6 mm-4
10½6.5 mm6.5 mm10½ (standard needles)3
10.757 mm7 mm-2
10.857.5 mm7.5 mm-1
118 mm8 mm-0
139 mm9 mm-00
1510 mm10 mm-000
17-12.75 mm--
18-14 mm--
19-15.5 mm--
35-19 mm--
50-25 mm--