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BlokWRX Lace Long Flexible Circular Wires Milky Whey - Latte Finca Perle Cotton Size 5 - 10 gm ball - Medium Apricot
BlokWRX Lace Long Flex Wires
Our Price: $24.95
15 in stock!
Milky Whey - Latte
Our Price: $12.25
Sale Price: $4.50
Savings: $7.75
15 in stock!
Finca Perle 5 1325 Medium Apric
Our Price: $2.80
8 in stock!
Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder Finca Perle Cotton Size 12 - 10 gm ball  - Cotton Candy HiyaHiya Accessory Gift Set with Small Project Bag (B)
Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder
Our Price: $185.00
6 in stock!
Finca Perle 12 9335 Cotton Cand
Our Price: $3.65
29 in stock!
HiyaHiya Accessory Gift Set B
Our Price: $49.95
3 in stock!
Finca Perle Cotton Size 3 - 10 gm Baby Yellow Lion and Lamb - Sage
Amour Crochet Hook Gift Set wi
Our Price: $90.50
3 in stock!
Finca Perle 3 1211
Our Price: $2.80
76 in stock!
Lion and Lamb - Sage
Our Price: $40.00
7 in stock!

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From the specialized tools that make your knitting and crocheting projects easier, to the fine yarns, threads and extras that help you bring your projects to life, Yarn Bazaar provides the knitting and crochet yarn supplies you need. All you have to add is your own creative touch. Our extensive catalog of yarns includes the latest hues in such specialty materials as cashmere, linen and silk.

The Best Yarn Shop Online

We also provide knitting needles, yarn and patterns for producing awe-inspiring garments and accessories. Our specialty blocking wires, ball winders, crochet yarn, hooks and needles help you create professional results. Make shopping for your knitting or crocheting equipment easy and buy yarn and thread online! Low-cost shipping and our commitment to excellent customer service ensure an efficient and enjoyable experience each time you shop Yarn Bazaar.
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